Zeni Alia was born in Tirana in 1994. In 2017 he has finished his bachelor degree in “Public Art” at the faculty of fine arts, in Albania.
His practice in mixed media has been dynamic, although at the moment his main focus is Photography.
He lives and works in Tirana.

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   Works & Exhibitions


“Tik-tak” installation was inspired by the continuous intervention in cultural buildings in cities like Durres and Tirana, the values and cultural heritage of which, are experiencing constant contraction. The “old” and the tradition are named as worthless and “out of order” and are replaced immediately with the “new” which doesn’t have neither history or identity.
Two events served as an inspiration to create “Tik-tak”: the demolition of the National Theater and lastly, the tower rising near the Clocktower.

To make this installation come to life, I have chosen the Clocktower as a symbol, which is the identifying element of Tirana, and put two heavy steel rods. Apart from the hands, these rods face their own weight. Intentionally, the numbers that show the clock are not present and this is interpreted as another symbol connected to the clear message: If we continue intervening cautiously in these buildings and in other important structures with great historic value, we harm not only their identity, but also the memories, the time and the history.

video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uw69FRBEfdk

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Exposed in:
‘’ZETA’’ Gallery , Tirane ,Albania
12 February 2020 – 25 February 2020
Curator: Edison Ceraj

video:     https://bit.ly/31RuDO4

installation/video art

porcelain plate
video 24 sec            https://bit.ly/3kyTKO7

I intervene in different structures, breaking out from usual rhythm of patterns.
I reconstruct new shapes using elements I find around.


”The sky made of panels”

Exposed in: ”Zeta” Gallery, Tirane, Albania
6 May 2018 – 13 May 2018
Curator : Ilir Kaso, Ursula Hubner, Ledia Kostandini, Marlene Hausegger

Exposed in:‘’Kulturtanstelle’’ Gallery , Linz ,Austria
23 May 2018 – 29 May 2018
Curator : Ilir Kaso, Ursula Hubner, Ledia Kostandini, Marlene Hausegger

Game Over

”Religious radicalism”
Exposed in: Tirane, Albania
March / Prill 2017 – Organised by OSBE
Curator: Ilir Kaso

Exposed in: Korce, Albania
July 2017 – Organised by OSBE
Curator: Ilir Kaso

Exposed in:Pristine, Kosovo
November 2017 – Organized by OSBE 
Curator: Ilir Kaso

No title


Exposed in: Prime Ministry Hall, Tirane,Albania
March 8, 2018

Student’s Protest



Tirane, Albania

No title

In a reality where to feel through distance and virtual is considered normal, between urban spaces I can find what is true and reachable, using photography as a research tool, to collect feelings, and sights of the human emotion.

Exposed in:
‘’Reja’’  , ”National Gallery”, Tirane, Albania
3 september 2020
Curator: Ilir Kaso

No Title

”Ura me tri harqe”

Exposed in: Faculty of Arts, Tetova, North Macedonia
May, 2017
Curator: Jelldez Asani

No title


Exposed in: ”FAB” Gallery, Tirane, Albania
January, 2016